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"When we invest in women and girls........

we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else" - Melinda Gates

I have to share an extremely prideful Mom moment that pretty much sums up why I have created BOLD Inc.

So, this week all 3rd graders at my daughter's elementary school participated in their annual wax museum. They each chose someone they emulate and spent weeks researching and creating a report about them. Last week they all dressed up like their "person" and read their report to anyone who stepped on their button at the wax museum. Our daughter, Ellen, chose Melinda Gates. Ellen told us that Melinda is so inspiring because she uses her immense gifts and resources to help women and girls all around the world. Ellen then said, "Mom, according to Beyonce, girls run the world (one of our very favorite songs), so this is really important work!" Needless to say, we are incredibly proud of our strong and caring daughter.

At BOLD Inc., we plan to invest in young girls so they feel confident and empowered to share their ideas and kindness with anyone who will listen, just like Melinda Gates.

Girls Are BOLD!

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