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Beautiful girl, YOU were made to do hard things so believe in yourself!

Here is the inspiration for BOLD Inc. Ellen Dorothy is our daughter who at the age of 10, has already blown us away with her confidence, bravery, talents and love for others. I feel so blessed to be her mom and to have the great opportunity to be a part of her world. Ellen participated in our first BOLD Girls Camp last summer and she gained 12 big sisters who love and inspire her. I witnessed countless times during camp when the girls would build her up with compliments and love and I saw just exactly how positively if affected her and in turn, how she affected them. She felt a part of things and supported for her thoughts and ideas. They lifted her up in ways different than we can as her family. The BOLD girls created a sisterhood. They are all so incredibly unique and special and they all came together from different parts of Minnesota and spent a week building their own self-esteem and growing each others. I can't wait for them to return this summer and I so look forward to meeting new BOLD girls joining us at camps this year. It is truly such a special place. People have asked me several times who BOLD Girls Camp is really best suited for. My answer is always, "BOLD Girls Camps are for ALL of our girls!" All of our daughters need a place to focus on loving their true selves and to be showered with love and support from their peers and positive female role models. Girls Are BOLD! See you this summer!

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