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Girls ARE Leaders! - research shows

Good morning from Nisswa! We just finished a fantastically fulfilling week 1 of BOLD Girls Camp. Every year I feel so blessed with the opportunity to spend the week with spirited young women. We spend the entire week helping them to see their own inner beauty and how they can channel their confidence to do amazing things. What a privilege for myself and the BOLD Inc. staff to see such a transformation in them. By the end of the week they are practicing gratitude and easily recognizing and sharing what they love about themselves! Watch out world! We are growing BOLD Girls!

This morning I read yet another article, this time from Harvard Business Review, that supports BOLD Inc's mission. (

We must instill with loving intention, a strong sense of self-love and confidence in our young girls. When women are confident they do amazing things and are amazing leaders. Research supports it. I so don't want young girls to have to wait until they are in their 30's or 40's to have, what Oprah calls, their "A Ha" moment. Let's all work together so young girls don't even need an "A Ha" moment. Our hope is they grow each day believing in and loving themselves more and more. At BOLD Inc. we believe that a girl with confidence, has the courage to move mountains without concern of perfection, has conviction above reproach, and celebrates other girls' successes.

Girls Are BOLD! Girls ARE Leaders!

-Stacy Germundson

President/Founder/Exec. Director BOLD Inc.

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